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About Taurus Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.

Taurus Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to Taurus Maritime Services Private Limited. We are proud to announce our collaboration with Mediterranean Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. Pelican ship Management -Gujrat., forging a partnership in modern shipping management.

At Taurus Maritime Services, our primary objective is to provide excellent technical and crew management services to our clients. This commitment to service excellence has led us to merge with Mediterranean Ship Management, combining our expertise and resources to enhance our internal strength and develop new infrastructures that deliver quality services. Our dedicated team is driven by a commitment to high standards, matching both national and international requirements, and striving for the utmost customer satisfaction through our unwavering dedication and hard work.

As a company, we are deeply committed to delivering ship management services that not only meet but exceed safety, environmental, and energy efficiency standards in today's industry. Our goal is to provide services that go beyond our customers' expectations.


We're World Leading
Logistics Industry

As industry experts, we are well versed with what we do. Taurus respects the belief of customers in us and we make sure we deliver them the best experience. We commit to provide the finest service possible in the industry.


Taurus Maritime Services aims to be a leading force in ship management, driving growth and innovation. We strive to set new standards and exceed benchmarks, providing top-quality technical and crew management services.


Our mission is to provide exceptional ship management services that prioritize safety, sustainability, and client satisfaction.


Anchored in Excellence:
Steering Your Success at Sea.


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